Thursday, November 29, 2007

Updated: DreamRoast - Home Coffee Roasting Roaster

A few updates, Added a custom rim for the Turbo Oven top to sit in using bands of aluminum and a ring of high temp. food safe silicone tubing for a gasket. The convection top is a stock Galloping Gourmet Turbo Oven. The heating element and the convection fan have been wired directly to the toggle switches marked "F" and "H" on the front of the turbo oven top. The heater line goes down through my controls and variac. The left thermocouple reads bean temp. and the right measures air temp. as it hits the beans. The bean bats in the roasting pot are variable speed from 0-240 rpm. I cut the roasting pot down to 4"deep. I can easily roast between 1/2lb and 3lbs with an almost infinite amount of possible roast profiles. The whole roaster tip dumps into the cooling drawer that cools with a fan pulling air through the beans. Most of the chaff ends up in the chaff canister.

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