Monday, May 30, 2011

New monitoring system for my homebuilt coffee roaster

This system was designed by a group effort of Homeroasters. It uses a customized Arduino and a custom "Juice box"(to measure voltage off the variac).  It monitors Time, ET(environmental temperature in the roaster), BT(surface bean temperature), RoR(rate of BT rise/min.) and Juice(voltage from the variac to the main heating element). It uses the custom designed pGesha software program. Here is a link to the hardware and software, tc4
I can hook up to a computer through USB or view on the LCD display.
I'm about to mount the monitoring hardware in a project box.
This was a roast of Ethiopian with an extended
finish for espresso.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

George Howell, Terroir Coffee: "How to" Videos

George Howell  has put together some new informative videos. George is a leading authority in specialty coffee.
Coffee bean fundamentals
Coffee brewing principles
Coffee freshness and storage
Drip coffee brewing
Manual coffee brewing
George's "How To" videos