Monday, May 30, 2011

New monitoring system for my homebuilt coffee roaster

This system was designed by a group effort of Homeroasters. It uses a customized Arduino and a custom "Juice box"(to measure voltage off the variac).  It monitors Time, ET(environmental temperature in the roaster), BT(surface bean temperature), RoR(rate of BT rise/min.) and Juice(voltage from the variac to the main heating element). It uses the custom designed pGesha software program. Here is a link to the hardware and software, tc4
I can hook up to a computer through USB or view on the LCD display.
I'm about to mount the monitoring hardware in a project box.
This was a roast of Ethiopian with an extended
finish for espresso.


jjhannon56 said...

Hi Ed,
Your setup looks great! I am trying to get aGesha running on my roaster.

I sent you a PM on Homeroasters but I am not sure it is working correctly. I also sent a response to your PM there.

Sorry to bother you,

jjhannon56 said...

Ed, did you find a project box for the TC4/LCD? It would be nice to have it all in one unit.

Ed Bourgeois said...

Great to hear you have aGesha up and running.
I'm using .5" maple wood for the box and a front and rear panel of aluminum for mine. Just got it partly started. They make various project boxes that you can buy. I just haven't looked online for them. A basic metal canister/box with lid could work too. Many DIY options.

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wikihoidap said...

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gokhan said...

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