Monday, August 28, 2006

Coffee Roaster Stir Rod Drive Shaft

The BM drive shaft is offset from the motor. I extended the shaft up to the roast pot with a hollow rod as shown. note (since this pic was taken; the screw at the bottom of the extension shaft has been drilled through with a bolt and nut)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Coffee Roasting Pot -Inside View

Single stir rod that really gets those beans spinning like a tornado around the sides of the pot, plenty of motor power. thermometer sensor(bottom of pic).

Homemade BM/TO Roaster Coffee Roasting

Home coffee roaster. Roast is very even. Made with these used parts,Welbilt model amd600 bread machine($8 thrift shop), Galloping Gourmet model 707a convection oven 1440 watts(ebay), S.S. Pot 12" diameter 6" tall(cut down from 10"), Deep pizza pan, TIF 7000 digital thermometer. Note I'm going to cut down my pot size to a height of 5" to gain more heat for larger roasts (to yeild 2# roasted/patch)