Saturday, September 25, 2010

DreamRoast, Driving with Bean Temp. RoR

The Dreamroast now has a bean temp. RoR(rate of rise) meter. The datalogger in the back left displays the ET (environmental temp.)in the roasting pot. And the BT (bean temp.). The DMM displays the rate of rise of the bean temp/min. A Homeroaster made the circuit board to connect between the thermocouple and the DMM.
The live numerical RoR works really well with manual control roasting.
***A new control system is arriving soon***

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Books: Scott Rao books on Espresso and Coffee Brewing

Scott Rao has many years of experience in the world of coffee. He has in the recent past written 2 books, the first being "
The Professional Barista's Handbook" about espresso and his newest, "Everything But Espresso" about brewing techniques.
These books are well written and helpful for professionals as well as anyone who wants to better understand the art, science and best techniques for coffee preparation.
Scott Rao's Books